Tuesday, April 21, 2009

go food network!

Perhaps I'm bias, but this is great news! While the rest of the magazine industry has most unfortunately been hit hard by these economic times, Food Network Magazine plans on doubling its circulation by next summer. The Hearst Publication, which comes out 10 times a year, boasts a whopping 133+ NEW recipes per issue that are budget-conscious and amateur-cook-friendly with no repeats. Impressive, really.

And while I'm still a devoted Gourmet Magazine girl through and through, it is often worth it to flip through both the Food Network Magazine as well as Everyday with Rachael Ray. They're always filled with cheap (check out Rachy Ray's $10 Spot column), easy meals that I promise will pleasantly surprise both you and your guests. Take the roasted garlic with spinach white pizza for example. Serve that up with a big salad of baby greens with a yummy vinaigrette and crumbled goat cheese, a bottle of Malbec and you've got yourself a totally easy little feast to enjoy with some pals any night of the week.

Oh God. I think I just sounded like her. Did I sound like her?! I think I sounded like her.

Here's to hoping I didn't just destroy my street cred.

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