Wednesday, April 22, 2009

just put your wine in a box

Not even in college did I regularly sip on Franzia. It was more like 30-packs of Busch Light. Ad nauseum. But I will admit that I had a streak during the spring of my senior year where I was buying boxed sangria...often. Pour some into a glass with ice, plop me in a sun chair, and I drifted off to my happy place. Wipe that look of repugnance off your face, it was actually quite good! And you know what? It looks like it was actually O.K. to like it. Turns out, fine boxed wine is on the rise as wine makers look for eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives. And who did they turn to for inspiration? Well, the French, bien sur, who've been boxing their wine for years. Even in juice box form.

Not only do you get the equivalent of about 4 bottles of wine per box, but most boxed brands are hitting at around the $23 mark and last for about a month.

Now of course this means I'll have to have a glass and try this stuff out. You know. For the sake of research. And report back soon.

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