Friday, June 5, 2009

nyc's best philly cheesesteak

It's raining, no, pouring, it's Friday, I'm a little bit cold, antsy to start my weekend, and I'm craving a Philly Cheese Steak. Yeah, back off. But here's the thing: I don't think I've had one since living in NYC. Actually, that's a lie. I did have one at one of those bars right outside the old Yankee Stadium last summer. But I can't remember the name or anything about the overall cheese steak experience so I'm going to go ahead and assume that it was...well...unmemorable. Ah! Just came to: Yankee Tavern. Anyways, all that said, where's the best place to get one here in the city? 99 Miles to Philly? Shorty's? Help me! Please!


perfectbite said...
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Sarah said...

I asked my co-workers and they say:
1. Cheesesteak Factory on Houston
2. 99 Miles to Philly
3. Papino's (Brooklyn)


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