Monday, June 15, 2009

grocery list + game plan take two

Since all of you little food loving readers enjoyed last week's grocery post so much well...let's do this dance. Take two.


baby greens (box for $4.99)
avocado (2/$3)
grape tomatoes ($1.99)
peaches ($.79/lb.)
red onion (1 large)

boar's head honey maple turkey ($6.99/lb.)

turkey burgers (4-pack for $2.99)
shrimp ($7.99/lb.)

sliced cheddar (?)

sandwich sized english muffins (?)

Ok so I know that the list looks a little similar to last week's but that's only because last week's shrimp salad was so freaking yummy that I've decided to make it again. But if you consider that a cheat then here's what you're going to do: Get a small piece of salmon or whatever else kind of fish rocks your boat OR grab some chicken breast if it's on sale and grill some of that up for your salad. This month's issue of Real Simple actually features a very similar salad on their cover of grilled chicken kebabs, grilled peaches and red onions, all served over arugula. So there you go. Same kind of ingredients, slightly different spin. Don't want you getting bored on me that quickly.

Turkey burgers (or ground turkey in general) is actually one of my favorite ingredients. And before you wince, hear me out. It's super low in fat and calories (whether you're watching or not) and it's totally versatile. Swedish meatballs, chipotle turkey meatloaf, burgers, dumpling filling, whatever. Turn to ground turkey. And more often than not, it's often on sale at my grocery store which makes me even HAPPIER. So this week, turkey burgers are more than welcomed in my kitchen. I grill/cook them up, top them with some low fat cheddar cheese and then on to my plate it goes with a generous portion of avocado and finely diced red onion on top. Served alongside a large salad, this is honestly one of my favorite week night meals. Perfectly filling and super satisfying. You could absolutely go the same route with a veggie burger or beef burger if you really don't do the ground turkey thing. But, I'm asking you to at least try it out. It really is that good.

As far as BYOL (bring your own lunch) goes, I'm going with turkey sammies this week, but feel free to get whatever cold cuts you like. Turkey on a well-toasted english muffin with dijon, avocado (if I still have some left), and baby greens with a large handful of grape tomatoes on the side? Bing. Bam. Boom.

Happy shopping and cooking and let me know how it goes!

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