Monday, June 15, 2009

weekend eats

Escaping back home to Connecticut on the weekends has become our latest trend. And while this weekend had a purpose, there are no complaints to be found here. Although the weather was once again cold, dark, and rainy (borderline certifiable over here) I still managed to enjoy every minute of the comfy goodness that is home. And the fresh air never hurt anyone.

Saturday we enjoyed a lunch to-go from Ching's Table in New Canaan. Vietnamese Summer Rolls stuffed with shrimp, avocado, mango, and vermicelli were dipped into a thick, sweet and spicy dipping sauce studded with red pepper flakes followed by calamari salads: mounds of baby greens, freshly fried calamari, matchsticks of mango and jicama and a delicate citrusy dressing. Great Asian Fusion restaurant which never disappoints. Granted, we never order anything but above. But hey, we know what we like.

Sunday afternoon the sun FINALLY decided to grace us with its pleasure and while out running errands with my mom, we swung by Sierra Grill in Stamford, CT for FISH TACOS. Grilled salmon, made to order, is placed on a warm soft taco with plenty of lettuce and tomato and a sour cream sauce to spread on top. I doctored ours up with some chopped red onion and cilantro along with a squeeze of fresh lime. Since the sun was shining, we ate lunch in the parking lot, with the rooftop down in attempts of soaking it all up.
A super fresh, super light take on the fish taco. This is absolutely my winning variation, no guilt here!

Once home, my mom requested I test out the new kitchen by making her some Swedish Cucumbers to have on hand in the fridge. Hmm. Right, she just wanted me to "test out the new kitchen." How convenient! But really, no one has to ask me twice to get cooking. So away I went, carefully slicing the cucumber paper thin and watching the new induction stove bring my pickling liquid to a boil in a matter of seconds. I. Kid. You. Not.

Minutes later, Swedish Cucumbers done. Now it's your turn to make a batch for the week. Step one: add an english cucumber and fresh dill to your
weekly grocery list…Soon to come…

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