Friday, June 19, 2009

swedish midsummer festival

As a Swede, I felt obligated to post this and to encourage you (yes, even you Non-Swedes) to go. The annual Summer Solstice celebration will be filled with salmon, herring, meatballs, and devistatingly adorable Swedes running around. The festival takes place from 5-8pm in Robert F. Wagner Park (part of Battery City Park) and for $20 you can help yourself to the buffet spread. Sadly, this is rumored to be the last Swedish Midsummer as the Swedish Consulate may no longer have a post in New York. Not quite sure I understand that, but, regardless, I'll be there with a fellow Swede (and one wannabe) chowing down on some Scandinavian fare and watching little blonde munchkins with flowers in their hair, run around waving ribbons in the air.


1 comment:

donna said...

I made you swedish cucumbers for a midsummer party last night.......... I did 4x the recipe and they are alomiost goine!!!!!! yum!


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