Thursday, October 29, 2009

the campbell apartment

After living in New York City for almost two years, I still do not consider myself, in any way, an expert of this city. Sure I could keep up in a conversation of Gotham's hippest and under the radar restaurants, but have I been to the majority of them? Well, sadly, no. Or, not yet at least.

But Grand Central Terminal used to be somewhat of a second home to me. The days on end spent commuting (albeit 5 months and then I could take it no longer) to and from that station, were, in many ways dismal, but to this day, I can't deny the building's charm and down right beauty. A fact that's often neglected amongst all the hustle, bustle, and sweat (at least on my end) that consumes the station. But after going on a tour of the building during NYC's Open House Weekend, I was reminded of its rich history and facts I was previously unaware of (i.e. Did you know the clock found in the center of the terminal is worth between $10-20 million?!).

Anyways, what I've been trying to get to in the most long-winded of ways, was that I was not aware of the Campbell Apartment, a bar and cocktail lounge tucked into a corner of Grand Central that was formerly the office of 1920's tycoon John W. Campbell. The place is somewhat of a NYC landmark yet one that I was completely unaware of during my commuting days. Long sigh. It's dark, cozy, and downright sexy with ridiculously high ceilings, antique books for days, dark wood, and stained glass windows. Grab a dirty martini (because you have to here), sink yourself into one of the club chairs, and pretend you're reenacting a Mad Men episode. Quintessentially Old New York and a must-do at one point or another during your NYC residence.

Since I'll be in the neighborhood tonight, I might have to do just that.

Campbell Apartment
15 Vanderbilt Ave.
Proper attire required (Which c'mon, is kinda hot)

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