Thursday, October 15, 2009

what's for dinner

Now, I love, love, love fresh baby greens dressed with my good old balsamic vinaigrette and a hunk of baguette any night of the week but at a certain point, I even reach my limit. And when you're trying to be good during the week the worst thing to do is to bore yourself. So let's spice things up. Literally.

While perusing through Cooking Light's website, I came across this bad boy: Chipotle Chicken Taco Salad.

"Ugh." I thought. It sounded, dare I say it, tacky. Too Taco Bell for my palette. And before you write me off as a food snob (because gosh those last couple lines were rough for me to even re-read), I read through the recipe. Cilantro, Lime, Avocado, Red Onion, Tomato. It slowly began to reel me in. Not only did I have most of those ingredients waiting patiently for me at home, but it was going to give me the opportunity to munch on something fun. Fun? Yeah, fun. Exciting, spicy, bright, and fresh.

Then I scrolled down even more. And you guys? This salad has less than 250 calories. And avid calorie counter I am not (on most days) but that is a fantastic added bonus. It was settled. I was going to make this salad. And more importantly, I was going to rename it. To chipotle chicken salad. No tacos here.

The dressing tastes flat out sinful from the help of reduced fat sour cream, lime juice, and tons of fresh cilantro. And lightly covering the baby greens, chicken, and veggies, I happily smiled, guilt free bite, after bite, after bite. Sadly, no pictures (besides the lovely one above, courtesy of Cooking Light). Because I was admittedly shoveling this salad in my face too quickly.

So there. I think I've redeemed myself. Food snob? Heck no. I've unveiled the slightly sad fact that I sometimes shovel food so quickly and selfishly, that there's no time to whip out the camera. Even when it's a taco sa-, wait, chipotle chicken salad.

Eat up.

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