Wednesday, October 14, 2009

how gary vaynerchuk changed my life

There are few words that could truly encapsulate my experience last night. But if I had to throw a few out there, because I know I can: absolutely amazing, life changing, self reflective, inspiring, and the most positive of positive energy I've ever felt. Gary Vaynerchuk cannot help but get you amped up and inspired. Being in his presence and hearing his words is like the sweetest most gentle severe kick in the behind. He just cares so much with so much passion about everything, everyone and you feel it. You can't help but feel his intensity. You've got a passion? One that makes you so happy you can't imagine doing anything else in this world? Then you've got an opportunity to turn this into your career. Make your own rules. And most importantly? Work your g.d. face off. You know, to the point it's no longer a part of your body.

I think the reason last night resonated with me so strongly is because I'm in a weird place. That place where I know what it is I absolutely, positively want to be doing but don't entirely know how to get there. And while it feels like I can sort of touch it, reach for it, envision it, I'm still not there. Trapped in a way. And that's totally frustrating. But at the same time, I have to keep in mind how incredibly lucky I am. At 24 years old, I can say, with confidence, I've found an arena, a community that brings out the best in me. That fills me with a sense of wholeness and happiness that I've been unable to find anywhere else. And you know what? Thank goodness for that. Because it's going to make all the serious, hard core hustling that I'm about to unleash, seem completely worthwhile. Because I'm chasing after what it is I love with all that I am.

And this is how Gary Vaynerchuk is changing my life. I already have my nose deep into Crush It! and can feel this emotional, empowering shift happening. And it's freaking awesome.

Preaching and emotions aside, last night was also filled with fabulous people and seriously fabulous wine. Prosecco toast, after toast, after toast, and a 2006 French wine called Bandol (smoky, smooth, giant pour, thank you, Jon) I left feeling stronger and more confident than I have in months. Years, maybe.

You guys? I'm going to crush it.

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