Monday, October 26, 2009

monday meal planning

Recipe inspiration or ideas often come to me in the oddest of moments. And this week's Monday Meal Planning was no exception. While there's no telling how my brain will work and when, inspiration struck while I was in a cab yesterday. A commercial for Fairway flashed across the screen which featured brisket. My brain started churning at 5:30pm for the first time all day. Why so late? Happy Birthday, Miss Meghan!

Brisket is one of my Mom's staple dishes. Along with her chicken with prunes and steak with seared red onions, carrots, and balsamic, brisket is the third most classic "Ing" dish. She always follows the Nach Waxman recipe from the Silver Palette Cookbook. A book covered, lovingly in cooking stains and one which every recipe pulls on some sort of heart string associated with the happiest of happy childhood memories.

Brisket is a hearty fall and winter dish that always pleases a crowd and could not be simpler to put together. Although truth be told, it's always better the next day. So if you're entertaining, plan ahead.

But the reason this dish is featured as a Monday Meal Planning recipe is because of its versatility thereafter. Serve it up with some buttered egg noodles with fresh parsley and chives for company and then with the leftovers? Get ready to get rowdy.

For a crazy good sandwich the next day, slather a roll with your favorite barbecue sauce (I'm a Sweet Baby Ray's gal, myself) and then top it with sliced brisket and some coleslaw and you wanna talk about a Southern treat? Another option would be to make a horseradish spread with some reduced fat sour cream and as much horseradish as you can stand. Spread it on some hearty whole grain bread along with the sliced brisket and baby arugula and you just created something so sophisticated and gourmet you'll be patting yourself on the back for days to come. And rightfully so.

If you've got a slow cooker (which I'm still in the market for) I bet the results would be even more delectably tender so look into that. But this classic made in a heavy Le Creuset and stewing away for hours in the oven, is a pretty cozy experience and perfect for those upcoming chilly Sunday's.

Enjoy and, you know, stay cozy.

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