Monday, October 5, 2009


Would you believe me if I told you that I have readers reach out and ask me to post about specific things? Would you believe that said readers approach me while out at an undisclosed bar in midtown Manhattan sipping on tall boy Natty Lights and "watching" football games on a Sunday?

I just outsed myself. Eek. Don't judge. I'm already judging myself.

Anyways, apparently there's a demand for more restaurant tips. And what my adorable readers want, my adorable readers get.

While roaming lower Manhattan (and heck, Brooklyn too) on Saturday, looking for a place to sit down for a quick drink and/or bite to eat, we came to the intersection of Rivington and Ludlow. Straight ahead was 'inoteca. To the right was Spitzer's. Upon seeing 'inoteca, I immediately voted, and somehow won without opposition, for 'inoteca. The restaurant has been on my "to dine" list for well over a year. Yikes. I know. But as soon as we were seated at one of their rustic wooden tables, facing a wall of wine bottles, my companions deemed it a no go. Wine could not be consumed at this hour of the afternoon, apparently. And so we left, and walked across the street to Spitzer's instead. Their long list of artisan brews was far more enticing to my friends. Oh well. Ten minutes later, you didn't hear a complaint out of me. I was busy enjoying this:
But here's the thing: 'inoteca is my restaurant recommendation for the week. And no, I haven't eaten there yet but I have had the pleasure of sitting in there for a good 45 seconds. The somewhat small space is open yet intimate. With dark, driftwood-like tables and chairs, a Parisian-looking mirrored wine bar area and large windows that open up onto the street. The menu is simple, rustic Italian small bites; predominately paninis with antipasti offerings, bruschetta, and cheeses as well. A seemingly fantastic first date spot (casual food, casual conversation) or a place to catch up with friends with a glass of great wine and a soppressata, goat cheese and tapenade panini to boot. And at night time, when the candles are lit, the lighting is low, and the vibe starts to get going, I can imagine it will feel like a pretty darn close to perfect evening.

I'd gladly be third wheel.

98 rivington st., nr. ludlow st.

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