Thursday, October 1, 2009

wine tasting event at cork'd

If you have even the slightest interest in wine (read: you like to drink it), you should probably, no, definitely go on over to and sign yourself up. Gary Vaynerchuk took over the website in 2007 and along with CEO Lindsay Ronga, just re-released the new and much improved version. After building my profile yesterday and quickly adding in a few reviews of wine I had recently enjoyed, I started corresponding with someone who worked at Cork'd and within an hour, Gary had given me a shout-out for one of my reviews. This triggered a minor euphoric episode which was further enriched by an invitation to a private wine tasting event at the Cork'd offices last night. Could I attend?

Gimme the deets.

So at 8:30pm sharp we were over at their urban chic Tribeca offices, starting our flight of tastings. The 2007 Summers Reserve Chardonnay, 2007 Terlato Family Pinot Grigio, 2006 Goldschmidt Vyborny Vineyard Cabernet, and the 2007 Chelsea Goldschmidt Merlot.
What's special about being involved in such an intimate tasting environment (besides sitting next to the CEO and comparing tasting notes), is the ability to speak up. To really open up and converse about what it is you're smelling, tasting, experiencing. And you know what? It feels pretty amazing. To not be intimidated. To not second guess yourself. To say whatever it is that comes to mind. Because when it comes down to it? With wine, you really can't be wrong. It's such an incredibly complex and inspirationally rousing libation that encourages conversation and an open mind and palate.

You're thinking I'm over-thinking. You're thinking I'm romancing this a bit too much. And now you're thinking, maybe, just maybe, I'm on to something.

You're also thinking, free wine tastings? I'm in. So go on and join Cork'd. Start tasting. Start thinking, or not thinking, and start writing down these thoughts and non-thoughts and you'll be amazed at what comes out of you. If anything, you'll get a night getting to know new people and enjoy some pretty great wine. And if you're lucky, a shout out from Mr. Gary V.

Thanks Lindsay and Jon for a fabulous little evening.

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