Friday, October 9, 2009

a catered affair

This weekend, I am pleased to announce, will be my first catering gig. And even though it's for two of my best friends, I'm still anxiously anticipating the grand event. As in, I awoke in the middle of the night last night with my mind racing; taking inventory of all my platters, serving dishes, pitches for cocktails, what kind of flowers to use, different ways of plating a dish, etc. Not so much a panic attack as it was just pure excitement. A going-away-meets-birthday-extravaganza for two fabulous gals and about 20+ other guests. I promised a conservative budget and a delectable menu of finger-type foods.

the rundown

goat cheese crostini topped with an orange and mint salad
deconstructed mini gyro: grilled pita, tzatziki, and turkey meatballs
mushroom and shallot pizza topped with arugula

vodka lemonade fizz with rosemary

The Birthday Girl (Berit) and Farewell Girl (Courtney) have also requested to get a cooking class of sorts while I'm prepping all the food. And you all know what this means? I will now have two extra sets of hands that take excellent direction. I think.

Pictures galore will be posted Monday. Enjoy the weekend!

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