Thursday, February 4, 2010

choice eats update

One of the most sought after bites of last year's event, the Baoguette Banh Mi. SPICAY!

This just in! A list of all of the confirmed restaurants to be serving up their finest bites at the 2010 Village Voice Choice Eats Event has just been updated. The restaurants that are currently locked in are:

Agnanti Restaurant, Ambiance Restaurant, Baohaus, Dirt Candy, DuMont, Egg, El Almacen, Fatty Crab, Fette Sau, Fort Defiance, Hummus Place, Kuma Inn, Luke's Lobster, Madiba Restaurant, Mama's Food Shop, Mantao Chinese Sandwiches, Max, Mercadito Restaurants, Mooncake Foods, Mumbai Xpress, Mustang Thakali Kitchen, Ovelia, Patacon Pisao, Pinche Taqueria, Porchetta, Purple Yam, Radegast Hall & Biergarten, Rajbhog Sweets & Snacks, Smorgas Chef, Spicy Bampa aka Bamboo Pavilion, The Sheep Station, The Vanderbilt, Tiffin Wallah, Toloache, Txikito, Xie Xie and Zuzu Ramen.

And if that impressive list isn't enticing enough, a few of the joints have teased what they'll be serving. Allow me to whet your appetite...

Kuma Inn plans on dishing up Adobo & Atcharra: Pork Belly braised in soy, vinegar and garlic with pickled vegetables.
Purple Yam promises Tocino (sugar-achuete cured pork) sliders in purple yam rolls with grated green mango. Chicken/Pork adobo skewers.
DuMont will have Spring Chowder: cucumber-scented chowder with mussels, clams, and shrimp finished with an herb pistou.
Mercadito's enticing us with Tacos de Camaron: Shrimp, roasted garlic, chipotle mojo, and avocado.

That said, I expect to rub elbows with each and every one of you (and believe me, there will be some serious rubbing of elblows, that's how many people show up to feast) on March 22nd.

(Last year's recap, found here.)
Tickets available HERE.

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