Wednesday, February 3, 2010

superbowl bites

It's no secret by now that my football fandom is beyond pathetic. And I'm in no way proud of this. I'm ridiculously indifferent when it comes down to which team I'm "rooting" for season to season and when I'm "watching" the game I'm still in the dark as to what it is everyone on the field is doing, who has possession of what or who, and what all those numbers and letters mean on the top of the screen. Sure, go ahead, point and laugh, call me a girly girl. I'll probably laugh with you. Truth of the matter is, I'd love to understand it, get into it, become a devoted fan. My brain, however, has decided for me otherwise: I do not possess the capability for comprehending the game. Not even dating the quarterback in high school (ZING!) helped this girl get a better understanding. Yet somehow, I'm not hopeless in one day having the light go off.

We just won't hold our breath.

So with all that said, let's address the Superbowl this Sunday. While I may not have a jersey to sport, I'll take any excuse I can get to whip up some slightly less-than-healthy food and knock back a few beers with friends. And since spinach-and-artichoke dip and buffalo wings are two things that don't exactly speak to my taste buds, there are certainly equally delicious ways around this.

To satisfy the wing lovers in the crowd, I'm thinking Sticky Sesame Chicken Wings. If you've got some fresh ginger in the freezer (and I hope you do) I'd grate some into the marinade for this. If not, no big deal. They'll undoubtedly be just as good.

I'm also thinking sliders would be a sure fire crowd pleaser. But not just any sliders. How about chipotle meatloaf sliders? And since I certainly don't want to be hovered over the stove flipping a million little burgers, I propose baking off a sheet pan of my famous meatloaf and then cutting it into little slider-sized squares to slip onto mini potato buns and top 'em off with a little avocado-cilantro-mayo (mash up avocado, add in some mayo and chopped cilantro, done).

A fridge filled with bottles of your favorite beer (bud light, please) some of the bites listed above and a room full of friends?

God, I love football.


mattsito said...

those sliders sound like a brilliant idea!

Kiira Leess said...

well thank you, mattsito! the meatloaf recipe, if i may toot my own horn, is KILLER.

toot, toot.


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