Thursday, February 11, 2010


Alright all you love birds, as I'm sure you're aware, a "special" day is coming up. V-Day. And whether or not you like to even acknowledge it, I figured I should offer up a few lovely and romantically charged ideas of how to celebrate with or without a significant other.

To be honest, there's something about cooking for (or with) someone that I find incredibly romantic. And unabashedly fun. Pop a bottle, flip on the music, and get down (hey, now) with the preparation of a fabulous meal. It is no surprise that this is always my idea of a perfect night with a friend, family member, or loved one. So let's take a look at a few charming menu ideas, shall we?

If you or your other half is a master shucker, I'm highly suggesting you start off with a few oysters and some bubbly (perhaps a sparkling rosé). If not, head on over to your local fish market and have them shuck them for you the day of. They'll place them on a bed of ice and you are good to go baby. Throw 'em back, clink your glasses, and let the aphrodisiac work its magic.

Oysters not your thing? Pick up a cheese or two. Head on over to Murray's (or your favorite local cheese shop) and taste through a couple till you've found one or two that will please both you and your lucky plus one. The fact that you took their taste into consideration will earn you points. And heck, free samples are free samples are free samples. Enjoy 'em.

Sharing your food is a particularly charming gesture. So if you're up to it, I think a tapas style meal could absolutely work to your advantage. An antipasti platter, cheese, bread, and some fabulous wine, (with the oysters and champagne to start) and I'd be perfectly content. But for those of you who'd prefer a more substantial meal, a big bowl of Anne Burrel's pasta bolognese (go for pappardelle) with two forks is a game changer. Yes, it'll take all afternoon to make but look, you're showing you care. Or spend the afternoon making it together and enjoy the ridiculously intoxicating aromas that will be wafting out of your kitchen all day long.

I was somehow born without a sweet tooth but don't hate me for having a soft spot for chocolate covered strawberries. One and I'm done and regardless of how unbelievably cliché they might be, you can't really deny their deliciousness. Otherwise, some sliced fruit macerated in Sauternes with some basil or mint could really seal the deal. Or at least they would for this girl.

If cooking-in is not something you're interested in, I suggest going somewhere not over-the-top formal. A wine bar would be a perfect destination (Terroir, Lelabar, Zampa Winebar, etc.). You can sit next to each other, share some small plates, and sip on a variety of inhibition-reducing wines, in a relaxed setting.

I think I just seduced myself.

Whatever you do, enjoy the day, lovers.

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