Monday, February 22, 2010

fresh direct take one

When I initially scheduled my Fresh Direct delivery for Saturday between the hours of 11am and 1pm, I hesitated. "I should make it earlier," I thought, so it wouldn't inhibit me from getting out into the sunshine (thank GOD) and running some errands. Yet come 11am and well after 1pm, I could be found in the fetal position on my bed. Swearing off wine for the rest of my life. And replaying scenarios in my head ad nauseum.

There's an epically humiliating story that explains said fetal position but to be honest, on a Monday morning, that's neither here nor there.

Regardless of my sorry state, as soon as the buzzer rang, I leapt up (woah, dizzy) to allow my special delivery in. A case of seltzer! Mine! All mine! Along with some other heavy-ish things I've been meaning to stock up on forever but am often not up to carrying them all the way up to the fifth floor of my apartment building. So on to I went to peruse their selection (not too shabby) as well as their wine offerings which totally took me off guard. I ended up with a slightly bizarre mish-mosh of things but all completely necessary: olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, dijon, whole wheat wraps, and quite obviously, err, Snyder's pretzels. The delivery guy was absolutely polite and cheerful (can't say I'd feel the same after lugging it all up the stairs) and didn't seem to mind my less-than-perfect appearance that morning.

Did I spend more than I typically would at my weekly grocery trip? Probably. But not really. I did slip in a bottle of Torrontés (don't act the least bit surprised) and stocked up on items that are slightly more expensive than a weekly trip permits. That said, I was pretty much thrilled with my Fresh Direct experience and would highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves too busy or wiped to do the shopping themselves. And this is all coming from a gal who snubbed the site because grocery shopping to me is just as fun as any other shopping experience. But to be honest, grocery shopping from the comfort of my desk is a pretty fabulous concept. While I think I'll stick to picking my own produce out at the green market, when it's time to reload the pantry (read: SELTZER)? Well, it'll be Fresh Direct all the way.

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